An infallible commitment to designing tailor-made social and human experiences.

The Creative Studio

2006 was a busy year for Matisse Events, as local unrest caused our newly founded company to be temporarily relocated to Dubai. Fortunately we were soon reunited with Beirut, as it was always meant to be. Although Lebanon is home, Matisse Events is by no means limited to serving only one country. Steady growth and commitment to excellence has led us across borders throughout the Middle East and Europe. As our market expands, so has our portfolio of weddings, corporate clients and public events concepts. Thanks to the unrivalled creativity, savvy, and energy of our team, Matisse Events has created two unique concepts. Field of Stars is a collective fundraising installation-based event and Common Fest is an arts and culture event with a culinary dimension. We are proud to announce current expansion plans.

The Matisse Events Way

The human experience is at the heart of our commitment to excellence. At the root of who we are is a desire to create one of a kind experiences customized to fit your needs. Of course the “how” of an event is important but we believe the “why” is the real question. Once we can answer that, your vision is in our hands. From conceptualization to dismantling, you never have to do it alone with the Matisse Events team at your side. Our dedication doesn’t end when the party’s over–we’re devoted to learning by experience. This philosophy gives us room to create gatherings that feel personal and true to who you are.

Meet the Family

Get to know our dream crafters.

You can think of Matisse Events as a world of its own. It is a planet created out of a dream and grounded with an amazing team, which in reality is more like family. Sometimes we feel like the stars aligned and brought us all together to tell your stories. Each one of us was on her own path, looking for something new and magical. Our paths became one, and now we each dream, create, and share, but the difference is that now we do it together. Each of us offers her own unique spin on every event and treats this world like it’s her own. Matisse Events is the place we grow, learn and love; it runs through our veins and we wouldn’t change that for the world.

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Lynn Sawaya

She’s the one that created this little universe we live in. She trained us, giving us the strength to give our all into making each event memorable and one-of-a-kind. In our little family, we admire Lynn’s perseverance in making her dream come true. That dream never stops growing, fueled by her energy, ideas, and inspirations. She always wants Matisse Events to take it to another level, and she has succeeded, creating a team of girls that would give anything for this company. For Lynn, every problem is solvable––impossible is nothing, giving is everything. Most importantly, she’d give anything to see the Matisse Events family (employees and clients) happy and swept away by creativity.

Yass website

Yasmine Hayek

We can always count on Yasmine’s non-stop energy to take the team to a higher level with her constant ideation, execution, creation and organization skills. She puts her all into every event, making sure to always create a unique experience. While a vacation is the right of any employee, Yasmine is at her happiest when she’s in the midst of her work. Our “chef d’orchestre” repeatedly falls in love with every part of the creation process, from designing the floor plan, to coordinating with suppliers, and every little detail in between.

LYNN-H website

Lynn Hadji Thomas

If we had to pick our team’s maternal figure, it would definitely be Lynn. She takes special care and attention to the next level by examining every detail from the dress to the buffet to every flower petal on your table. She’ll take you under her wing for a sensational ride, tackling every challenge with wit and imagination along the way. Lynn’s years of experience in the business, have blessed her with endless stories to tell, making her the perfect person to reminisce and laugh with.

Nat resized

Natasha Gedeon

Don’t let Natasha’s petite size fool you—she’s our Matisse Events soldier. As the glue that keeps our events together, she makes sure every single detail is in order. While she’s tough and gets things done, she also brings life and soul to our table. Her beautiful energy and dedication ensure that we have strong supplier relationships, with suppliers following the direction of a natural born leader and communicator. Despite her strength, she’s still someone who will get more sentimental than newlyweds during their walk down the aisle.

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Nour Khoury Jallad

Nour started her career in marketing and communication abroad where she learned the ins and outs of the tech and fashion industry. She closely followed the fashion industry in her free time, as work and holidays brought her to cities across the US, Europe and her native Lebanon. With each trip she would seek out trends on the global scene.
A few years later and back to her home country, she joined the creative studio of Matisse Events where she helps create self initiated projects related to the world of arts, culture and fashion. Nour is also in charge of our social media portals and our marketing campaigns in order to give Matisse Events a global voice.

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Tania Keyrouz

Part of our young, driven and fresh creative team, Tania has an advertising background with a strong focus on the design and development of visual applications for events.
She participates in brainstorming sessions and helps translate all concepts and ideas into a brand identity, mood boards and designs that can relay the aspired feel and positioning of every event.

Maria resized

Maria Aoun Chemaly

Also a member of our creative team, Maria contributes her graphic design education and experience in advertising by creating strong identities for the event ideas and concepts, and follows through with their implementation on the ground. Maria helps turn every mood board into a reality on the day of the event.


Carine Feghali

Carine is our financial advisor, when we dream big she helps us achieve it and gives us a run for our money!


Maya Yafi

Maya is the newest member of our growing family and she blended in since Day 1. Being in the communication industry for more than 10 years, highlights her social skills and people-loving heart. She is a hard shell when it comes to doing the job but she will shed a tear or two when she sees a bride walking down the aisle.