6:05 Concept Store Opening

6:05 boutique



A cucko cocktail party

A truly bold boutique means a runway show worth remembering. To make the most out of 6:05 boutique’s space, a multi-level walkway was built to conserve room but still pack a punch. As the models walk down the stairs wearing colorful owl heads, the platform pieces moved up and down to create a truly wacky display of creativity and functionality. The surprises weren’t reserved to the décor—the food had guests exhibiting priceless reactions of surprise. While they might have expected to be biting into a savory French fry and ketchup, they were actually eating a sweet treat with strawberry sauce. Rather than tasting a sweet creamy éclair, they were treated with a savory goat cheese and tomato dish. The concept was as delightfully wacky as the brand, giving guests a real taste of what 6:05 was all about.


Models wore bold owl heads and rose up and down on elevated platforms, creating a wild display for guests.

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