Najla & Andre

Mar Mikhael Bus Station

Walking on Clouds

Najla & Andre revealed quite early that they were not your typical couple as they fancied to go for an industrial wedding. The lovers recited their vows in a setting worthy of eternal love. Handmade paper flowers were sprinkled all around the church benches and used to create captivating clouds that were placed all around the altar. The aisle leading up to the altar was also beaming with pure white clouds and marked with the sentence “walking on clouds”. Silver, gold and copper were the chosen colors of the celebratory evening, taking over the dance floor, the tables and every other item guests could set their eyes on. Instead of traditional flowers, the buffet and dining tables were decorated with geometrical blooms, custom-made especially for the occasion. In true fall wedding style, the welcome drinks area was decorated with pumpkins painted in the wedding’s personalised hue of colors. A vintage Lebanese door watched over the dinner tables adorned with warm lights and autumnal floral arrangements.

Outside the church, guests enjoyed a festival of colors that took shape in a luminous flower market created particularly for the occasion.

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