Benchmark Launches Beirut Terraces

Beirut Terraces, Beirut Central District



Bringing vision to venue

To help this real estate firm’s potential buyers and contractors envision life in the Beirut Terraces, the team was commissioned to create an intimate but open concept event that consisted of furnishing the apartment as if someone was living there. The team set up and decorated one of the impressive apartments as if they were furnished homes, prompting potential home-owners to imagine their lives in the space.

The terraces, built by Swiss architects Herzog and de Meuron, offered guests a view of the city while keeping their own vantage point private. Gardens were installed in the middle of the space, creating natural green patches against a clean, white palette. With a bar installed in the space, guests could eat and drink to their heart’s content while imagining day-to-day life in a luxurious and distinctively designed apartment.

The team brought the architecturally impressive venue to life, setting the tone for day-to-day life in one of the apartments.

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