Carolina & Tarek

Roumieh, Private Land

Carolina & Tarek


Under the Olives and Stars

No one can predict love. However, once a spark is lit, a succession of events is set in motion that nobody can halt. For Carolina and Tarek, their flame was already burning bright when they came to us with a wedding date set only three months into the future. Given that we had organized the nuptials of his brother just six years ago, Tarek knew that he could trust us with this task, so, disappointing him was out of the question. Typically, we follow a tight process for all our events. Nevertheless, we knew that we had to shuffle things around to meet our tight deadline.

Instead of starting things off with a mood board, we directly contacted our suppliers to start working on the venue our couple had set their eyes on: a family-owned olive tree plantation in the mountains of Roumieh. From the get-go, we felt that we had to organize a wedding that would reflect the newlyweds’ raw adoration. So we made sure to keep things authentic and not overwork the land. When setting the dance floor, we used the age-old technique of lime mortar for its more natural composition.

Being the designer behind the headpieces brand AURA, Carolina had a more whimsical outlook than her husband. So we had to find the right balance. First, we summoned the stars straight from the sky by bathing our venue in a million fairy lights. We countered this by highlighting the location’s down-to-earth essence. We opted to keep all wooden tables uncovered instead of using traditional white tablecloths. Clay flatware, olive tree branches, candles, jasmines, and other flowerpots completed the setup. The result was an enchanted forest that reflected both the bride and groom.

The night the wedding bells rang; there was no shortage of celebration. As Carolina made her entrance onto the welcome drink area, she was embraced with a romantic cover of pop classic “You’ve Got the Love” sung live by her bridesmaids and local band AmySmackDaddy. Other entertainers on the list were Aziza, and Djette with international acts like Dj Kaveh and Daly Gana also making an appearance. Guests, family, and friends all celebrated the spark that brought them together under the watchful eyes of the olive trees and the stars.

From the get-go, we felt that we had to organize a wedding that would reflect the newlyweds' raw adoration.   

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