Children’s Cancer Center (CCCL)

St. George Yacht Club and Marina

Children’s Cancer Center (CCCL)


Giving in the Golden Age

For a night of giving to support the cause of the Children’s Cancer Center (CCCL), guests were taken back to the Golden Age of Lebanon. The St. George Yacht Club and Marina was transported into a different era, creating an homage to the best of Lebanese history. Nodding back to a time when the hotel was a popular and prestigious destination for the most famous and glamorous stars, antique and velvet décor adorned the tables and lobby.

The night featured a butler seating guests, tables named after renowned artists of the past, and even a grand piano. An auction was held to raise money for the cause, and 600 guests could walk away knowing that they helped while still having a night of fun and nostalgia.

600 attendees helped raise money for an important cause while having an evening of nostalgic reverie.

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