Chirine & Mostafa

Karm el Jozz

Chirine & Mostafa


The Festival of Love

Who doesn’t remember their last music festival? There’s something magical about coming together with people from across the world to dance and celebrate united under one love. So, when Chirine and Mostafa came to us wanting to recreate this euphoric experience we knew exactly what we needed to do.

First, we set out to find an open-air venue that would allow us to bring this unrestricted intimacy to life. Given that both bride and groom were in Dubai, Chirine entrusted her parents to visit potential locations with us and come to a consensus. In the end, it was the magic of Karm el Jozz that won them over. Located on the outskirts of the Bekaa Valley the walnut orchard occupies several beautiful acres, giving us an expansive playground to mold.

By mixing and matching an array of rustic ingredients, we transformed the lush area into a festival of love. For our couple’s special moment, we laid out vintage carpets across the lush grass which we fenced with wooden poles to frame their aisle. Instead of opting for traditional zoning, we designed a relaxed dining area. Guests could either sit on raw wood and metal tables, or lounge in various chill areas with pallet benches, plush cushions and custom seating made out of barrels. As for the centerpieces, we decorated the tables with mismatched vases that we filled with untamed vibrant flowers.

An assortment of little food trucks composed our buffet, a true homage to the delicious sampling found at festivals. As for the photo booth, we transformed a vintage truck into the perfect picture backdrop. Finally, we set up stripped-down teepees to look over our bride and groom and brought the whole area together with fairy lights that we connected to a central walnut tree.

No festival is complete without a little partying. As the guests finished their dinner, we used smoke machines and lasers to bring the surrounding forest to life and guide them to a dancefloor stationed in the heart of the woodlands. They all let loose and danced till the wee hours of the morning celebrating the one love that brought them together on this magical evening.

By mixing and matching an array of rustic ingredients, we transformed the lush area into a festival of love.

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