Marilyse & Marwan

Antalya, Turkey

Marilyse Abou Haidar & Marwan Sinno


Turkish Delight

Marylise and Marwan’s weekend-wedding in the gorgeous Adam and Eve hotel had 550 guests arriving to an authentic Turkish dinner the first night, followed by a beach party overlooking the Mediterranean Sea the next day. The team travelled several times for food and equipment, and it paid off—the venue staff was intrigued by the 10-day preparation process which resulted in a stunning seaside ceremony. Tables and chairs were flown in from Lebanon, flowers arrived from Istanbul, and guests came from around the world to celebrate the couple’s new life together. Colorful towels, flowers, and palm trees set the scene for a vibrant beach party complete with dancers poolside. The ceremony itself followed, with a more simple, white backdrop awaiting the bride’s entrance, where she walked down a 100-meter path lit by many twinkling candles and hundreds of sparklers held by guests. Matisse Events was also able to fit hundreds of guests on a beach deck by reinforcing it, much to the humorous surprise of the hotel manager. Guests were dancing until sunrise to the tunes of DJ Anthony Bassoulou and King of Drums.

In a truly stunning entrance, the bride walked down a candlelit platform deck while friends and family lit up the night with sparklers.

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