Racha & Bachir

Mir Amin Palace

Racha Saade & Bachir Chehab


Traditional with a twist

A young, lively couple in a historical setting meant a modern union with a traditional twist. The fusion of boldly colored flowers, glasses, and candles gave a funky contrast with the Mir Amin palace’s classic aesthetic. In a first for the venue, the team converted a central fountain into a table centerpiece, seating forty guests around the structure in an innovative and imaginative way. Copper décor juxtaposed the traditional symbol of the pomegranate which was tied into every element, from the cake to the invites. While the conventional “zaffe” usually welcomes the couple to their guests, another unique twist had them calling out guests’ names on megaphones and inviting them to dinner. An organic blend of modern and classic complemented the character of the setting.

The pomegranate, a traditional symbol of love and prosperity, united elements from the cake to the stationary.

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