Rene Mouawad, Sanayeh Garden Opening

Sanayeh Garden

Azadea Foundation


A Beirut kind of green

When the Azadea Foundation completed renovations on the 22,000 square-meter Sanayeh Garden, it was time for an opening worthy of its historical significance. The garden, which was created more than a century ago, was the perfect setting for raising awareness of invaluable green spaces in Beirut. With the help of the municipality of Beirut, a two-day opening was launched, allowing more than 26,000 attendees to interact with the garden over a period of two days.

While the first day was limited to invite-only, the second was open to the public, offering art, history, and family fun. Kids and families made wishes by throwing flowers into the 30-meter central fountain and learned how to plant and take care of plants, highlighting the importance of respecting green spaces. Creativity sprouted throughout the garden as Dar Publishing created a play and songs for children to sing. “Jaridat Sanayeh,” a customized periodical about the history of the garden, was handed out to guests. A real nod to traditional Lebanese leisure activities came in the form of an area to play tawleh, cards, and other timeless classics.

Over 26,000 attendees visited the public gardens, participating in fun and games for the whole family.

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