Sarah & Rabih

Ixsir winery

Sarah Hermez & Rabih Salloum


Love in style

Although heels are the usual choice for many guests, the pebbled ground at the Ixsir winery had Matisse Events rethinking wedding conventions. Instead, a beautiful flock of sneakers peeked out from underneath dresses and suits, making this one of the most refreshingly stylish weddings Matisse Events has been a part of. As it should be, the stunning bride was the most striking of all. She wore a show-stopping dress from Creative Space, of which she is owner, gold foil delicately adorning her head and hair. Guests could dance on the grass or on the rooftop, where “I Like To Move It” was written and played by Jade, the DJ, throughout the night to get people moving. Rather than the usual wedding cake, ice cream cones filled with ice cream and cake were layered on plexi glass, providing a deliciously original installation. Even the priest had flair—he gave the 650 guests permission to use their daf and make some noise. A little tradition never hurt anyone, though. Sea salt was sprinkled around the tables at the request of Sarah’s mother, ensuring everlasting love and good luck.

Rather than letting the pebbled ground get in the way of foot fashion, guests wore their best sneakers and created a sea of stylish footwear which epitomzed the happy couple.

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