Soha & Ramzi

Karim Bois - Tabarja

Soha Frem & Ramzi Karam


Wood you marry me?

Using resources unconventionally often adds a unique and memorable twist to the festivities. In this case, the groom’s wood plant provided some unorthodox materials—giant slabs of wood. These beams were placed in trucks which were then angled to separate space in the storage house. In this way, the welcome drink area was separated from the dinner space in an organic and fresh way. Thousands of lightbulbs hooked to dimmers lit up cracked wood, in a scene which rivalled the Starry Night itself. To commemorate the couple’s union, guests gathered under a 17-foot mural which read, “One Love,” involving friends and family in their celebration of love.

This industrial wedding used unconventional materials to add a personal and functional touch.

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