Tonnie & Karim

La Magnanerie Beirut, Sed El Bauchrieh

Tonnie Choueiri & Karim Khalaf


Breaking the ice

Set-up is always a personal choice, and this couple opted to shift the focus of the evening to the welcome area. Rather than serving as a prelude to the fun, the welcome drink was a way to mingle and to break the ice. Lounge seating and a typewriter as a guestbook gave the wedding a vintage touch. Paper lanterns gave a splash of color, adding a charming spin to a classic aesthetic. A large guest list meant the opportunity to take a fresh approach to dinner service. Cold tapas and salads with edible flowers adorned the dinner tables while a buffet served warm food, offering guests relief from long lines.

Family and friends typed loving messages to the couple on an old typewriter, adding to the vintage aesthetic

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