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Matisse Events Nomade

Our expertise spreads across borders near and far. We’ve developed an impressive portfolio of suppliers and venues. We have established strong bonds with many suppliers worldwide, ranging from caterers and florists, to photographers and videographers, and all of the details in between. Alternatively, we are able to select the best suppliers from Lebanon, and export their services to the location of your choice. We work hand in hand with all of our suppliers to guarantee value and quality.

Our dedicated team has spent years immersing themselves in different cultures and has the knowledge and expertise needed to deliver the same quality standards across Lebanon, the UAE, Turkey, Greece, Spain, and Italy. We can coordinate events anywhere in the world by applying our attention to detail and savvy, hands-on approach. It’s not enough for us to deliver an event that is an expression of you; we’re not satisfied unless our clients experience a seamless, tailor-made event. Trust and value go hand in hand and our meticulous eye for detail ensures that your needs are met.


We craft the imaginary

Our experts are here to give life to your ideas. There’s no shortage of creativity at Matisse Events, and we know how to put it to good use. We approach each event with fresh eyes and never recycle the same ideas. We work with you to create something memorable, beautiful, and emotionally resonant. Matisse Events does everything possible to provide you with excellence and dedication no matter the budget. Thanks to our proven track record in worldwide locations, we are able to build on our experience to organize events anywhere else in the world.


Say "I Do" to your dream wedding.

Your wedding is not only an emotional milestone for you, but for the entire Matisse Events team. We put our hearts and souls into your special day, and it’s not uncommon to see us discreetly dabbing our eyes when you walk down the aisle. All of our efforts go towards making your special day as personal as possible. By taking the time to understand our newlyweds’ personalities and needs, we’ve been able to design everything from hanging rose gardens for an open-air chapel to a rolling circus cage for “party animal” wedding guests. We made room for a large number of guests on virgin lands and we’ve created classic village weddings inspired by our grandparents’ homes. Couples who plan their weddings with our team are encouraged to let their imaginations run wild, because for us, our work is a matter of passion. We’ll work with you to transform your dreams into a breathtaking reality, and in the process, build bonds that will last for years ahead.
Sometimes a couple will start the planning process on their own and find that they need a little extra help. Matisse Events is ready to jump in and take on a wedding coordination role, keeping your vision alive while you focus on making memories.

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Corporate Events

Help your brand shine bright.

We want your brand to shine. It’s that simple. Your message is key and we want people to remember it long after the event is over. You don’t need to launch your product on a private yacht or compete with a viral video. We take the same meticulous approach with your corporate events that we do with your most intimate celebrations. Our team works tirelessly to create something that’s true to your brand and communicates that message to your guests. We don’t like to rest on our laurels but we have a proven track record for creating dazzling events that can position a brand well above its competition.

Public Events

Share the love.

All of our public celebrations revolve around one thing: the human experience. We leverage our team’s outstanding creativity to bring to life concepts for public events that are sure to create impactful experiences, evolving from one edition to the next. We’ve even created our own community-based event, Common Fest, which took place in Beirut in 2015. We apply that same energy and zeal to all of our undertakings with no exceptions.